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We are a company having strong positions in the field of recycling and export of second-hand clothing, shoes and other household goods.

Ecoservice has been providing various waste collection and management for over 27 years.

In order to meet the circular economy goals of reducing textile emissions, in 2021 we were first in Lithuania to both collect local textile and sort it in our centre, where ~200t of textile is sorted and recycled every month. Most of the textiles arriving at the sorting centre are still suitable for re-use, around 75%. The rest of the textiles are also recycled in a targeted way – about 10% are cut and recycled into industrial cloths and only 10% are used for energy production as they are irreversibly damaged. Until the opening of the sorting centre, virtually all of the separately collected textiles were used for energy production.

At the centre, clothing, footwear and home textiles can be sorted into as many as ~100 different categories according to material, season and purpose. At the same time, textiles that are no longer suitable for use are separated. During the sorting process, each product is individually inspected and assessed by specially trained staff.

Textiles suitable for recycling are exported to other countries. We work with countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America to help people all over the world get good quality clothing at affordable prices.

Textiles arriving at our sorting center are collected from special containers dedicated exclusively to textile collection. We have more than 800 number of these in Lithuania. Only wearable, clean clothes, shoes, bed linen, curtains, handbags, belts and other textiles can be placed in these textile containers. They must be packed in plastic bags before being placed in the container.

Thanks to our skilled management and staff, the company is able to retain existing customers and attract new ones, to ensure that the quality of our goods meets today’s market requirements, and that they are presented and packaged according to the specification requirements of each individual customer.

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