We manage, collect, and remove recyclable materials. Upon signing a municipal waste removal contract we also provide recyclable material containers. Recyclable materials are removed free of charge.

  • Collection of recyclable materials from private properties

    We collect recyclable materials from containers on private property using modern waste transports equipped with innovative hoppers with partitions enabling collection of three types of sorted waste at the same time: household and recyclable glass, plastic, and paper waste.

    For private home residents who wish to sort household waste we provide two types of containers: for sorting of paper/plastic/metal waste and for glass* waste.

  • Collection of recyclable materials from private companies and institutions

    We can provide companies and institutions with containers designed for collection of recyclable materials. Removal of recyclable materials is free of charge and in accordance with a schedule agreed in advance.

    The following outdoor containers can be provided:

    Recyclable material management

    1,1 m³

    Plastic & paper

    Recyclable material management

    0,12 m³


  • Collection of recyclable materials from production companies

    In the course of their activities production companies, printing houses, and retail centers accumulate large amounts of paper, film, and other recyclable material and various packaging waste. We offer special equipment to such companies – compacting containers, large volume mesh or metal (5 m3) containers. This helps companies to store accumulating waste in a convenient and safe manner.

    Recyclable material containers and vessels installed on the territory of production companies:

    Recyclable material management

    3–5 m³

    Metal or mesh 3–5 m³ containers for plastic, paper and glass

    Recyclable material management

    40 m³

    The containers are designed for waste that can be compacted (plastic, paper, etc.) The compactor is grid powered. Suitable for companies that generate more than 40 m³ of waste per week.

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