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135 000 domestic waste containers in Lithuania

36 120 secondary material containers in Lithuania

>200 t of textile is sorted and recycled every month

909 t of waste per day

>250 trucks

27 years experience

1200 workers

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“One of our main goals – to implement ecological thinking, constantly fostering earth preservation philosophy and understanding of environmental responsibility”


Where do we work in Lithuania?

“Ecoservice” group of companies consist s of three companies, engaged in different type waste collection, processing, as well as city street cleaning and maintenance of the streets. For secondary material management, collaboration takes place with the partners from Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Finland.
Modern management, implementation of advanced technologies, increase in the range of services and a loyal team of professionals allowed the impressive development of the Company. After starting with secondary material collection and preparation for processing in the city of Vilnius, today “Ecoservice” together with another two companies performs activity of collection of different type waste even in 26 municipalities in Lithuania, thus covering 40 percent of the territory of this country, while other type services are provided across entire Lithuania. “Ecoservice” has its divisions in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šilutė, Šilalė, Vilkaviškis, Pagėgiai, Kazlų Rūda, Marijapolė, Šakiai, Trakai and two subsidiaries: JSC “Ecoservice projektai” and JSC “Ecoservice Klaipėda”.
“Ecoservice” group of companies consists of three companies, providing different public utilities to the settlements of town and countryside type, to residents and business enterprises: collection of various waste, preparation for processing, cleaning and maintaining the streets, maintaining public spaces and cemeteries, operation of waste reception sites etc.
In order to contribute to achievement of objectives and goals, set out in the National Strategic Waste Management Plan of the Republic of Lithuania, “Ecoservice” constantly collaborates with foreign partners from Western Europe and Lithuanian scientists regarding implementation of new technologies for waste processing / utilization. Therefore, in 2016, the Company was announced the winner of the second place in the contest “Leaders in Packaging Sector 2016”.



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