We manage, collect, and remove construction waste. We provide containers for construction waste. We also remove recyclable materials, municipal waste, and provide recyclable material and household waste containers.

  • Renovating, demolishing, building?

    We provide companies and natural persons with construction and demolition waste removal services as well as offer removal of specific waste from industrial enterprises.

    With high capacity containers we are able to quickly put waste accumulation areas to order allowing clients to work in clean and orderly environments longer without interruption in ongoing processes. If the amount of construction waste is low, the company can offer 1 m3 large capacity waste bags that can hold up to a ton of construction waste. This construction waste collection and removal service is actively used by construction contractors, industrial enterprises, companies repairing and renovating their own offices as well as residents who have accumulated a large amount of such waste.

    We offer:

    • Fast and prompt services rendered to a high standard of quality
    • Containers with volume (1 – 38 m3) selected specifically according to your needs
    • Competitive prices and flexible system of payment
    • Convenient and flexible waste removal schedule agreed based on your needs
    • Issuing of certificates about management of removed waste
    • Professional consulting about waste management, sorting, and recycling
    • The hardware we have available allows us to remove particularly large amounts of waste
  • Types of containers and bags
    Removal of construction waste

    up 1 m³

    Compact BIG BAG bag made of polypropylene

    Removal of construction waste

    7 - 10 m³

    Open metal containers designed for large-size and heavy waste, convenient for waste disposal

    Removal of construction waste

    18 m³

    Containers (open metal container designed for large-size and heavy waste, the container is low-profile and so is convenient for use on construction sites)

    Removal of construction waste

    20 - 38 m³

    Containers (very high volume metal containers designed for light waste)

    Additional service – waste chute lease:

    • Simple installation
    • Good quality and longevity
    • Ensures quick and safe transferring of construction waste directly into containers
    • Helps maintaining cleanliness and order.

    How to choose a container?

    • For residents renovating an apartment of about 60 m2 we recommend using 1 m3 large bags.
    • When building or demolishing a building of about 150 m2 we recommend choosing a 10 m3 metal container. The container will be emptied twice per week or the day after a notification about the container being full.
    • For construction of very large buildings such as apartment blocks, business or retail and recreation centers we make special offers. We suggest the most convenient and economical waste management method and other comprehensive solutions and services with regard for building size and construction progress.

    The following may not be disposed of in construction waste containers:

    • Household waste;
    • Green waste;
    • Vehicle glass waste, tires;
    • Hazardous waste accumulating during construction (different paints, varnishes, solvents, or materials containing or potentially containing asbestos, mercury). The owner must separate this waste from the rest on site, place such waste into strong bags or boxes, and contact a company handling hazardous waste.
  • Payment for services

    Waste removal price depends on the amount and type of waste. The service is paid for by bank transfer or in cash when buying a waste bag and after provision of the service (having chosen a container).


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