We manage, collect, and remove graveyard waste. We provide containers for graveyard waste. We also remove recyclable materials, municipal waste, and provide recyclable material and household waste containers.

Sorting is one of the most important activities allowing everyone to contribute to environment protection and mitigation of pollution. Even when visiting and taking care of our loved ones’ graves we have to sort the occurring waste.

The type of containers and their number and distribution depend on container placement option, hygiene standards, waste type, the actual amount of waste accumulating, and seasonality. Container placement location is also taken into account when choosing containers.

Offered containers:

  • 1,1 m3 or 0,77 m3 plastic containers konteineriai
  • 1,1 m3 metal containers

Graveyard visitors have to separate green waste from other types of waste and to dispose of it containers intended for green waste, while candle stubs and spent candle lanterns as well as wreath ribbons should be taken to household waste containers.

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