• Vehicle service station

    Ecoservice vehicle service station is located in a convenient part of Vilnius at Minsko pl. 26A. Here we perform most of preventive maintenance works and repairs. We always seek to provide reliable, high-quality services for your vehicle and to ensure thousands of kilometers of quality performance! We work fast and with professionalism and we pride ourselves on precise diagnostics and reliable troubleshooting.

    Our services include:

    • Undercarriage works for different types of transport (cars, vans, and trucks). Price – €30/h + VAT
    • Brake testing and repairs for trucks and vans. Price – €30/h + VAT
    • Electric system repairs for trucks and vans. Price – €35/h + VAT:
    • Engine control system repairs (fuel supply systems, ignition systems, fuel mixture and emission gas control systems);
    • Replacement of starters and generators;
    • Combustion/injection system repairs;
    • Ventilation and heating system diagnostics and repairs;
    • Vehicle lighting and light signaling system repairs;
    • Accessory repairs (vehicle controls, interior lighting, sun roof and window regulators, heated seats, etc.).
    • Hydraulic system diagnostics and repairs for trucks. Price – €35/h + VAT:
    • Hydraulic system issues
    • Hydraulic cylinders
    • Hydraulic pumps
    • Hydraulic engines
    • Hydraulic distributors
    • Computer diagnostics for trucks and vans. Price – €35/h + VAT
    • Full or partial vehicle diagnostics
    • Computer diagnostics for diesel/gasoline engines
    • Mechanical suspension diagnostics
    • External vehicle diagnostics
    • Wheel geometry and alignment for trucks and vans. Price – €35/h + VAT
    • All kinds of welding for trucks and vans. The price of works depends on complexity and duration.
    • Vehicle preparation for road-worthiness inspection
    • Mobile service for heavy trucks. The mobile service is intended to provide your with help when you and your vehicle need it the most.
  • Car wash facility for trucks and vans

    Comprehensive maintenance is necessary to sustain vehicle service life.

    Our car wash facility uses modern equipment and certified highest quality products.

    This makes it possible to remove dirt and wash hard-to-reach parts of the vehicle such as the underside and tire rims.

    Tugs/heavy trucks/buses/tractors/vans

    Services provided at our facility:

    • Engine washing – €37.50 + VAT
    • Seat cleaning – €20 + VAT
    • Frame cleaning – €15 + VAT
    • External cabin washing – €15 + VAT
    • External semitrailer washing – €25 + VAT
    • Internal semitrailer washing – €15 + VAT
    • Heavy truck washing – €18.75 + VAT
    • Bus washing – €25 + VAT
    • Hardware washing – €18.75 + VAT
    • Van washing – €15 + VAT
    • Car washing – €18.75 + VAT
    • Fuel tank washing – €10 + VAT

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