We lease composting toilets, wash stands, and mobile fences. Offered composting toilets, wash stands, and fences are suitable for construction sites, events, and personal use. We offer quality servicing and maintenance of composting toilets and wash stands.

  • Composting toilet lease

    Composting toilets and wash stands leased by Ecoservice will come in handy when there are no permanent toilets or wash stands or if their number is insufficient at events and construction sites or on private property.

    The composting toilets and wash stands we lease have good quality and functionality. This is an ideal solution both for long-term and short-term rent.

    We guarantee quality maintenance and prompt delivery and servicing. Driver-operators wash the cabins of the toilets and wash stands with high-pressure equipment using special chemical detergents, all of which ensures that proper cleanliness is maintained.

    Service fee includes:

    • Cleaning
    • Washing from inside and outside using high-pressure water pumps
    • Filling of deodorant liquid
    • Replenishment of toilet paper reserves

    Technical information:

    • Base: 1220 mm x 1130 mm
    • Height: 2300 mm
    • Tank: 200 l


    • urinal;
    • toilet paper roll holder;
    • external and internal lock;
    • „occupied/unoccupied“ sign;
    • ventilated tank.
    • Wash stands

      • Clean water tank – 200 l
      • Two-sided: one wash stand – two taps
      • Soap and paper holders.
    • Mobile fences

      • Mobile fences are designed to fence in construction sites and event areas, they are easy to assemble and disassemble;
      • A leased set includes a 3.5 x 2.0 m segment of the fence complete with plastoconrete pad.
    • Why choose us?
      • We offer rational, comprehensive solutions for your construction site or event;
      • The lease term in unlimited – one day to a year;
      • We guarantee quality and good service;
      • Prompt delivery and servicing across all of Lithuania.


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