Public health specialists recommend taking care of container disinfection at least a few times per year, particularly during the warm season, because it is during this time of the year that waste stuck inside containers rots, spoils, and raises anti-hygienic conditions. Proper treatment of containers results in clean, bad odor free colored sorting and semi-embedded that do not overflow with municipal waste.

  • Why choose us?

    Ecoservice is concerned with keeping residential environments clean and offers container washing and disinfection services rendered using new, modern equipment. This includes specialized transport vehicles compliant with the Euro VI standard and equipped with washing equipment as well as a tank filled with 2000 l of water. One day of work results in washing of about 110 containers. Our high quality new transport vehicles operate quietly and produce less pollution with their exhaust gases.

    1. Services are rendered using machines compliant with the highest environmental standard – Euro 6;

    2. Container washing, disinfection, and waste collection services are rendered at the same time. There is no need to take containers to another washing place – everything is done on site where containers are located;

    3. During washing, lifting of the container is registered, which is why the client incurs no additional expense even on territories where payment depends on the number of container lifts. The vehicle is equipped with container scanning equipment suitable for all users;

    4. Collected waste is transported to a landfill within the range of 30 km. The client paid per ton of weight can easily track this parameter;

    5. No need to use your own transport during container washing. One loader is enough, which saves costs;

    6. Between 100 and 130 containers are washed and serviced per day, depending on the level of contamination and waste removal location.

  • Washing vehicle

    Spent water supply and spent water tanks.

    High pressure system and clean water tanks.

    • 2 clean water tanks, 2 000 liters in total;
    • 2 spent water tanks, 1 300 liters in total;
    • 2 robotic arms with swiveling washing heads;
    • High pressure system;
    • Spent water pump (compressed air system);
    • Spray with high pressure tip and nozzle.


  • Advice on how to keep your containers clean for longer
    • Avoid disposing of liquids together with household waste – they quickly start to spoil and produce bad smells;
    • It is best to flush packages of quickly spoiling products before disposing of them in a container;
    • Sort responsibly!


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